Garnet NixdorfA Passionate Affair for Classic Cars

Garnet Nixdorf began his life-long love for classic cars when he purchased for $200 each a 1949, 1950 and '51 Ford Coupe. For many years he scoured Canada and the U.S.A. for car auctions, deals and private sales to add to his ever growing collection.  Over 40 plus years he has amassed 86 vehicles with a never ending quest to find unique vintage automobiles and restore them to showroom condition.

Jim KyluikAlong Came Jim

Garnet's cousin, Jim Kyluik, came to the Okanagan from Mongolia where he had just completed a contract as Superintendent of Procurement for a gold mining company.  Having the same passion for classic cars, the skill set and experience to bring the showroom into existence, he was quickly commandeered by Garnet and Tim.  As manager of the Nixdorf's Classic Car Showroom, Jim was responsible for the construction of the building.  He is now responsible for the marketing, hiring and supervising the daily management of the showroom.

Nixdorf FriendsFriends and Acquaintances

Jim, Garnet and Tim give much credit to their many friends and acquaintances with an interest in vintage automobiles who have donated their time to assist in bringing the showroom to fruition.  These same friends and acquaintances are still providing on-going support in the maintenance and restoration of vehicles and the operations of the NIXDORF CLASSIC CAR SHOWROOM.

Tim NixdorfLike Father, Like Son

Garnet's son Tim Nixdorf, has inherited the same passion for classic cars and owns many of the 86 vehicles in the collection.  Along with searching for these classic cars, parts are aggressively sought to maintain the existing collection of classic cars and the restoration of new classic cars and the restoration of new classics to the inventory.

Why A Vintage Showroom?

The concept of a vintage classic car showroom was due to numerous requests Garney received from car enthusiasts from all over the country.  Many hearing through the grapevine of the unique collection with 25 of his favourites housed on his 10 acre property and the remainder stored in various buildings in Summerland.  Garnet and Tim decided to demolish an existing building and construct a 9500 square foot structure to hold over 30 classic vehicles which are to be rotated with the remaining collection on a regular basis.

Our newly expanded facility of over 50 vehicles including a Muscle Car section. Each car has a write-up providing information on the background and condition of the car when it was purchased.  There are also a number of humorous comments from the collector.   With an inventory of over 80 cars completely restored, the cars are periodically rotated.  There is something here for everyone.  We have T-shirts, snack bar and artifacts that will provide a bit of nostalgia for everyone.