• Colour- Blue
  • Flathead V8 engine
  • Standard Transmission
  • Restored 25 years ago
This car was restored 25 years ago in California. When the owner passed away, the widow decided to sell the car. Once she discovered that we were a museum and that we would have the car on display she refused other offers and sold the car to us. The car was purchased in the fall of 2007 and shipped to our museum from California.


  • 2 Tone Green
  • Flathead 6 cylinder 201 cu. in. Engine
  • 3 Speed Floor shift C/W Overdrive
  • 16 " Wide White Wall Bias Tires
  • Stock Wheels w/ hubcaps & beauty rings
  • 119,562 original miles
  • 3110 manufactured
This car was purchased from a man living in OK Falls about 10 years. He and his wife belonged to a car club and they used to travel a lot with this car. When his wife passed away, he sold the car.

1940 OLDSMOBILE 2 Door Club Coupe

L-40 Series 90
  • Two Tone Gray Paint
  • Rare porcelain/marble rock enamel dash and upper door panels
  • Only 100 made for Canada
  • Straight 8 – 257 cu. in. Engine (110 HP)
  • 3 speed transmission
  • 15" wheel / full wheel covers
  • 15" Remington Bias Wide White Wall tires
  • 50/50 Seat
  • Stock AM Radio
Canadian List Price $1565 in 1940
Purchased in 1995 in Parksville, Vancouver Island. Car was owned by a Doctor who passed away and left the car to his niece. She completely restored the car. This car was originally bought in Oshawa Ont. by her Uncle, brand new and driven to Vancouver Island. It never left the island until it was purchased in 1995.


Businessman's Coupe
Light Blue
Flathead 6 – 201 cu. in. engine (84 HP)
3 Speed Standard Transmission
15" Wheels
15" 4 ply Bias Dual White Wall Tires
factory Motorola radio
Low production of 32, 244 units
This car was purchased in Chilliwack, BC about 10 years ago. The car was completely restored. It has been in storage since restored.

1941 Plymouth Special Deluxe Convertible

1941 Plymouth Special Deluxe ConvertibleAbsolute Mint!  All features of this unique car have been totally redone, including the original engine, dash, paint, chrome and drive train. Yellow Flathead 6 – 201.3 cu. in. Less than 1000 miles on complete restoration.

BACKGROUND Car was purchased in New Hampshire, USA. Purchased from Photographs taken of the car. Shipped from New Hampshire to Seattle and brought into Canada. As we started to restore the car, the floor had chicken wire and tar, tar paper and another layer of chicken wire. This was taken out and restored and now it is a beautiful rare car.


1942 Bull Nose Cherry & 1936 Chevy Hot Rod

  • 454 Chevy Motors w/blowers
  • Black w/yellow flames
  • Purple hot rod
Garnie had loaned money to the owner of these vehicles who defaulted on the loan. The vehicles were seized as payment on the loan. The Bull Nose is appraised at $80,000. and the Hot Rod at $85,000.

1946 FORD Super DeLuxe Convertible

  • Red
  • Flathead V/8
  • 3 Speed Column Shift standard transmission
  • Firestone Wide Whitewall Tires
  • Less than 1000 miles on full restoration
Purchased about 20 years ago at a swap meet. Took the body off the frame and restored the car. All the parts were supposed to be there according to the seller. When we tried to put on the back fenders they were a couple of inches short. Reason being they were from a 4 door car! Purchased the 2 back fenders from a scrap dealer in Alberta. We fixed them up and put them on. Now it is exactly like the original car.

1947 FORD DeLuxe 6

  • Cherry Black
  • Flathead 6 – 226 cu. in. 90 HP
  • 16' Wide White Wall B.F.G Silvertown Bias Ply Tires
  • 3 Speed Column Shift Standard Transmission
  • Rare short doors "small door" coupe

American car "small door" coupe. Purchased in Seattle and brought into Canada about 25 years ago. This car was completely restored.